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I am Dana

With over 14 years of experience, I offer a diverse range of eyebrow and Lash lifting services to both women and men, all aimed at helping you achieve your desired look. I work closely with you to determine the perfect shape and thickness for your brows, taking into account your natural features and personal preferences.

I am highly trained in the latest lash lift techniques and eyebrow trends, ensuring that I can deliver stunning results that exceed your expectations. Whether you’re after a bold, dramatic look or a subtle enhancement, I have a broad range of services that cater to your specific needs.

I am excited to serve you and to help you attain the stunning, flawless look you deserve.

Our wax is a stripless hard wax that adheres to the hair instead of the skin making it more gentle and universal. Tweezing will always be applied to any stray hairs. 

This fantastic treatment will give your lashes a curled appearance similar to that achieved with an eyelash curler, but the effect will last for at least six weeks due to a chemical process that sets the shape of your lashes!

If you have unmanageable or sparse brows, or desire a more voluminous look, this treatment is ideal for you. Using a chemical process, your eyebrows will remain brushed up at a slight angle for at least four weeks, giving you a fuller and more polished brow appearance!

The lash lift treatment typically lasts for six weeks or more, while brow lamination typically lasts for four weeks or longer.

Everything to Know Before Your Service

Frequent Asked Questions

I receive a constant stream of eyebrow and lash related queries every day. To assist you in comprehending our services better, I have put together a compilation of frequently asked questions and some essential tips. 

Aftercare for your Services

Lash Lift Aftercare

The effects of the tint will start to diminish within 2-3 weeks as hair grows out and the tint color fades.

Eyebrow tint

Aftercare for your Services

Brow Shaping